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Regen-i Reworkstation Product Rework Station, PCB Fixture, Smartphone Disassembly jig, Silicon Clean Mat

제목 Smartphone Storage Box RG-2000
작성자 regenipage
작성일자 2019-11-22

Smartphone Storage Box RG-2000

Storage of smartphone & tablet device/Sterilization by anion and ultraviolet light/Battery charging

Smartphone Storage Box RG-2000

- Storage of tablet device, smartphone (Max 68pcs of mobile phones can be stored.)

- Digital Locking System to prevent theft

- First sterilization by wide anion

- Secondary sterilization by Ultraviolet lighting

- Charging smartphones

Max 68pcs of smartphones can be stored

Storage of tablet PC and battery charging (Either max 68pcs of mobile phone or max 48pcs by advice to seller)

Max 68pcs of smartphones can be stored, school, official institutions can utilize them usefully also beautiful
appearance meets well restaurant, gymnasium, church, other organizations.

Thanks to battery charging, it is more practical.

Storage and safe built-in locking device

To safekeep expensive smartphones safely, storage case adotped digital lock by
saftey number, only superintendent

can control locking numbers , for the case that unlocking key is lost and unknown, Electronic key
(OWNER KEY, MASTER KEY) is available separately

to enable smart control of valuable mobile phones of people.

Storage sterilization effect

Smartphones which have been corrupted everywhere by pathogenic bacteria are sterilized by ionizer get through
1st sterilization, then there is secondary sterilization by UV ray.

Smartphones that we have used contains various germs like Staphylococcus which causes food-poisoning,
Pseudomonas which cause infection on bronchial tubes and lung , Nigeria`s SPP bacteria which cause infection on tonsil,

These bacteria that gets weak immunity and causing strong infection are opportunistic infecting bacteria.

Double sterilization by Anion ionizer & UV

Commence sterilization by UV light, finish by Anion to make 99% of sterilization effect.

- Anion sterilization : To the corners of what UV does not touch, in the sealed space, by
strong negative ion sterilize smartphones

- Ultraviolet ray- Secondary sterilization : By feature wavelength of UV lamp, within short time,
varisou germs are removed.


- STANDARD : 1105 X 500 X 200

- WEIGHT : 40kg

- Color : Sky blue

- Rated Voltage : 220V / 60Hz

- Material1 : Main body : Steel Plate 1.5t ~2.0t

- Material 2 : Door window : Lexan(Polycarbonate) Acryl 5T for UV protection

- Country of Origin : Korea

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