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Regen-i Reworkstation Product Rework Station, PCB Fixture, Smartphone Disassembly jig, Silicon Clean Mat

작성자 regenipage
작성일자 2019-11-22


Special Rework Station BK-200S

1. This Rework system’s simple design delivers highly user friendly operability.
2. This is available adjustment in 3 Steps for Temperature and Time.
3. This is easy PCB mounting by magnetic fixing block
4. This is simple PCB relocation by applying sliding way for Nozzle movement.
5. It is possible to realize temperature graph that cannot be implemented in hot gun.

BK-200S Basic Nozzle

Basic Nozzle Size Guide 15X15

BK-200S Dedicated pedestal

BK-200S Dedicated pedestal(Sold Separately)

Nozzle installation

Lower Nozzle(Magnetic)Install tightly so that there is no gap in the heat outlet of the lower heater.
Upper Nozzle(Magnetic)Install tightly so that there is no gap in the heat outlet of the upper heater

PCB Mounting

Slide the upper heater backward to the end
Match the center of the workpiece to the center of the lower heater by using 6 kinds of magnetic PCB fixing blocks.

BK-200S Control Panel

① Program number is displayed for current applied program (Program number: 1~5(Pre-programed) / 6~9(User’s set up)
② At standby, the upper and lower parts are cross-lighting. When the upper lighting, the current temperature of the upper heater is displayed. When the bottom lighting, the current temperature of the bottom heater is displayed.
③ Program value division for user using program number from 6 to 9
④ Current temperature display by stages
⑤ Remaining time display by stages
⑥ Power switch
⑦ Selecting program (#1~5: pre-programed by factory, 6~9: available by user’s set up)
⑧ To change the temperature, time and airflow settings of user’s set up only for program number 6~9
⑨ Button to increase numerical value (When heating in the third step, remaining time can be extended by 30 second per one pressing)
⑩ Button to decrease numerical value
⑪ Start and Stop for operation

BK-200S related nozzle size guide

12 X 12 NOZZLE

Sold Separately

19 X 19 NOZZLE

Sold Separately

18 X 28 NOZZLE

Sold Separately

23 X 23 NOZZLE

Sold Separately

22 X 32 NOZZLE

Sold Separately

28 X 28 NOZZLE

Sold Separately


BK-i350S BGA rework machine Specifications


Product Name

Smart Rework Station


BK - 200S


AC 200 ~ 240V 50/60Hz

Max Watts


Max Current


Packing size

(W)480 X (D)430 X (H)330mm

Product size

(W)380 X (D)230 X (H)260mm

Product Weight



Made in Korea

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