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Regen-i Reworkstation Product Rework Station, PCB Fixture, Smartphone Disassembly jig, Silicon Clean Mat

제목 Rework System BK-310
작성자 regenipage
작성일자 2019-11-22


BK-i310 BGA Rework machine

BK-I310 was developed with high capacity core parts and simple parts to meet competitive price and effective in required main functions. Dual-heater structure in Upper heater is our improved technique over the world, which exert better effective heating than existent rework devices such as ceramic type heating machine. Hot Air for both Up and Lower heater is fast in instruction response with automatic temperature control with time. Preheating 4 IR heaters are to prevent warp (deformation by heating) of PCB and effective in working larger PCB..

BK-i310 Features

↑ BK-i310 Main controller

  • - High capacity 7 inch touchpanel
  • - Cortex-A8 600Mhz CPU
  • - 65535 Color 800X480

↑ BK-i310 Upper/Lower heater

  • - For TOP/Bottom Heaters, each 1200 Watt high capacity heater ( 2400 Watt)
  • - 1~10 speed levels for temperature increase

↑ BK-i310 Infrared preheater

  • - High capacity IR tube heaters
  • - 4pcs of 1000W IR heaters exert max 4000W of strong preheating

↑ BK-i310 Temperature setting

  • - Basic temperature profiles are saved for user to change and use as reference profile by knack of adjusting higher/lower temperature by 5 degrees, longer/shorter heating time by 5 seconds
  • - Easy interface: With touchscreen click to change and save by different program name, Target temperature, speed of temperature increase (seconds), heating time at target temp(seconds), nozzle size, cooling time, alaram time
  • - available to set different temperature for TOP/Bottom heater to prevent damage of lower part and easy save and application. (After turn on machine open specific program and apply )

↑ BK-i310 Working display

  • - Real-time display of working by temperature graph with time
  • - Real-time temperature display
  • - By external temperature sensor temperature curve at specific location can be checked.
  • - After finish of 1 cycle(heating and auto-cooling), real-time temperature curve can be saved on external USB

↑ BK-i310 Vacuum pick-up pencil for desoldered chip(BK-I310 only)

  • - 64 kpa, 7L/min Built-in high-capacity vacuum pump to pick up desoldered chip
  • - Only BK-I310 is applied

↑ BK-i310 pick up nozzle for desoldered chip and beam to shed center of chip to mark working point

  • - 64 kpa, 7L/min high-capacity vacuum pump to pick up desoldered chip
  • - easy pick up desoldered chip by suction nozzle on the center of upper heater
  • - Convenience to use built-in beam shooter to mark center of targeted chip

↑ BK-i310 Upper, lower nozzles (Permanent magnet)

  • - Easy attachment or detachment by permanent magnet
  • - 10 different sizes of nozzles free of charge

↑ BK-i310 Lighting to see melting of solder balls

  • - LED lamp of high capacity to observe melting of solder ball of targeted chip

↑ BK-i310 USB PORT

  • - Storage and back of temperature curve by external USB
  • - compatible with USB, wired or wireless mouse, keyboard

↑ BK-i310 Option : Camera and monitor , bracket set(Not included, Option)

  • - By magnifying working location and indirect check of soldred condition
  • - SONY CCD and high-capacity lens adopted


BK-i310 Specifications



PCB Max workable size

380mm * 400mm

PCB Max workable thickness

0.5mm ~ 3mm

 PCB Max workable parts

1mm ~ 50mm

 Suction capacity

 64 kpa, 7L/min

Temperature Sensor

K Type

Working controller

Cortex-A8 600Mhz 7 Inch

Method of temperature control

 PID Control

 External interface

USB, Mouse

Max storageable profile quantity

 999 ea

 Power consumption

 220V 60Hz 5000W

 Product size

 L640 X W640 X H670

 Product weight

 38 Kg

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